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PT CORINTHIAN Infopharma Corpora (known as CORINTHIAN) was established in Jakarta on June 1989. CORINTHIAN is an independent private companies provide of marketing research services and presently has grown into one of the leading company in Indonesia which is engaged in industrial research, marketing investigation research and consumer research services.

Inspiring your business policy

CORINTHIAN has grown into one of the leading marketing research company specializing in the studies of :
Food and Beverages
Household Health Supplies
Herbal Medicine
Medical Equipment
and Others

CORINTHIAN is supporting by well experienced and well trained qualified research team. The team consists of and has 22 permanent employees with 4 directors and take a great deal of pride in their work. This pride is behind every product we sold. CORINTHIAN strength comes from its motivated, hardworking and loyal employees.

Contact our marketing for more information about our company.

Phone : 021-4704735
E-mail : cic@corinthian.co.id ; marketing@corinthian.co.id

Many companies have been entrusted us to research their marketing position, strategy, condition or marketing prospect.
How about you?

Jalan Pinang Raya No. 3, Rawamangun, Jakarta 13220, Indonesia.
Phone : (021) 4704735 - Facs. : (021) 4704782
Email : cic@corinthian.co.id; marketing@corinthian.co.id
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